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HID D1S/R Ballasts

Philips "XenStart"™ D1S, D1R

With the introduction of the "XenStart"™ the electronic starter is now integrated into the bulb offering a number of advantages.

Electromagnetic interference - The electromagnetic interference is better controlled by the deletion of the high voltage cable and connector and by the compact construction.  There are no high voltage contact points between the starter and the bulb anymore.

Dimension and weight - The integration of the starter into the bulb base saves the connector and the cable and offers a more compact ballast design.  The small 3 pin connector is mounted on the side of the "XenStart"™, resulting in a short built in space.

Ballast specification - There is practically no limitation to the distance between the ballast and the "XenStart"™.  The present system with high voltage cable and connector is limited in distance because of the electrical high voltage losses.  The "Xenstart"™ is therefore ideal for applications where the ballast has to be remotely placed.

The "Xenstart"™ D1S and D1R are optically compatible with the current D2S and D2R bulbs. 


Additional Information:

Click for the "XenStart"™ specifications

XenStart™ D1S bulb with starter

$150.00 each



XenStart™ D1 Ballast

$150.00 each

Connecting cable from D1 ballast to D1S bulb unit

$55.00 each


WARNING! Ballasts contain/generate high voltage.
Never operate ballast without a bulb installed correctly. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death!