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Sylvania XENARC HID X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit


The Sylvania Xenarc High Intensity Discharge lighting systems represent a new dimension in driving. It is a technological breakthrough uniting a passion for automotive lighting performance and a commitment to safety. It is the new standard, delivering more light while requiring less maintenance. Xenarc is true HID, the innovative illumination that was once the exclusive domain of high-end imports. It illuminates, creating a whiter, more intense, brilliant light that obliterates the darkness. Xenarc HID is brilliant. It is legal. And it is here now!

The Xenarc X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit offers style and performance and is designed to complement standard low beam headlights. Its unique auxiliary low beam optics project more down-road illumination than conventional fog lights. The X1010 kit also features the exclusive D-HC (Discharge-High Color) HID light source, providing the highest street legal color temperature available. This kit fits most vehicles but may require modifications. Recommended installation space requirement is 3" x 6.5" x 5".

The X1010 kit includes: 

  • Two Xenarc HID Auxiliary Low Beam Assemblies
  • Two Electronic Ballasts
  • Two Remote Switches
  • Two Lamp Mounting Brackets
  • Two Ballast Mounting Brackets (attached to ballasts)
  • One Wiring Harness
  • All necessary mounting hardware

Complies with SAE J582 for auxiliary low beam lights.


Honda Accord with X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit and factory equipped Standard Halogen Headlamps

Ford F-150 with Xenarc X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit and X2010 Ford F-Series Upgrade Kit

X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Light $318.00
Option bulbs:

Additional Information:

Xenarc X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit Installation Instructions (linked to