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Aux Lights Kit - Model 950
3" x 6" Rectangular HID Driving Lights  (Model 950)
$535.00 HID version

$110.00 Halogen Version (Super White Color Simulates HID)


Free Form design for precise light distribution.
Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum housings.
Specially Hardened Glass Crystal Lens.
Extremely Rigid Stainless Steel Brackets.

German made PHILIPS LVQ ballasts and D2S Xenon bulbs with a complete wireless remote harness and aluminum ballast mounting cases for easy installation.

Same lights also available in a halogen version with High Output Vestec (Japan) H1 (55W=85W) Super White bulb and LED switch wiring harness.

Both HID and halogen come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and SAE approved!

Additional Information:

Auxiliary light wiring diagrams


*Note: Please check with your local regulating agency regarding use on public roads.