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Aux Lights Kit - Model 965
4" x 8" Oval Spot Off Road HID Lights (Model 965)
$535.00 HID version

$110.00 Halogen Version (Super White Color Simulates HID)


High Quality lamps with the latest styling and technology

German made PHILIPS LVQ ballasts and D2S Xenon bulbs with a complete wireless remote harness and aluminum ballast mounting cases for easy installation.

Same lights also available in a halogen version with High Output Vestec (Japan) H1 (55W=85W) Super White bulb and LED switch wiring harness.

Both HID and halogen come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Model 965 - Front Side view

 Model 965 - Top Side View

Model 965 - Dimension


Additional Information:

*Note: Please check with your local regulating agency regarding use on public roads.