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Halogen Bulbs -Philips HiVisibility

HiVisibility/Premium - 30% more light on the road

Airbags and ABS are great in case an accident happens. With safe lighting you reduce the chances of an accident happening - you won't need the airbag or ABS. With 30% more light on the road you increase your chances of reacting to an adverse situation. You can install it yourself - with Hi-Visibility from Philips.

Suitable for:
Drivers wanting to improve their visibility for added safety and security.

Up to 30% more light.

Conforms to DOT regulation and is suitable for all cars fitted with Halogen bulbs.


Bulb Size Description Wattage Price (Each)  
9004/HB1 Philips HiVisibility/Premium 45/65W $12
9005/HB3 65W $12
9006/HB4 55W $12
9007/HB5 55/65W $12


HiVisibility/Premium - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an HiVisibility and Premium?
Technically speaking: none. Premium is the European name for HiVisibility.

Why is good quality car lighting so important?
Because it saves lives. Better lighting leads to earlier and improved recognition of objects, cyclists, pedestrians, road workers, etc. Earlier and improved recognition of traffic signs and road markings is also vitally important to accident prevention. Therefore, better lighting delivers an active contribution to road safety and driver comfort, and can save lives. This is in contrast to such items as air bags, which are purely passive safety measures and do not prevent accidents.

Can I exchange my existing bulbs against a pair of HiVisibility/Premium?
Of course! The bulbs are easily exchangeable and perfectly safe and legal to use on the road.

Additional Information:

Prior to installation, it always a good idea to wipe the glass surface with a clean lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol regardless of whether or not the glass surface was touched by your fingers.

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