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Halogen Bulbs -Philips Blue Vision

Blue Vision - Turn night into day

The Original and Leading choice in blue bulbs
Produces a whiter Xenon type of light for the best reflection from road markings and signs
Lasts up to 3 times longer than other blue bulbs in the market

Suitable for:
ll weather conditions with added visual comfort enhancing driving concentration during driving at night time.

A unique blue filter creates the distinctive blue filter.

Halogen bulbs with UV Block Quartz glass that eliminates harmful UV rays thereby protecting plastic headlamps.

Conforms to regulation ECE R37 approved for use on roads in Europe and 9004,9005, 9006 fully approved for use in the USA.  It is suitable for all cars fitted with Halogen bulbs and aimed at giving extra performance and safety in bad weather conditions.


Bulb Size Description Wattage Price (Each)  
9004/HB1 Philips Blue Vision 45/65W $12
9005/HB3 65W $12
9006/HB4 55W $12
9007/HB5 55/65W $12


BlueVision - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BlueVision bulbs blue?
The coating. BlueVision bulbs are halogen bulbs with a blue coating. It brings you the benefits of the brilliant white light, that stimulates driver concentration and makes night time driving less tiring. It also reflects much better on road markings and street signs and thus contributes to greater road safety and driver comfort.

Why is good quality car lighting so important?
Because it saves lives. Better lighting leads to earlier and improved recognition of objects, cyclists, pedestrians, road workers, etc. Earlier and improved recognition of traffic signs and road markings is also vitally important to accident prevention. Therefore, better lighting delivers an active contribution to road safety and driver comfort, and can save lives. This is in contrast to such items as air bags, which are purely passive safety measures and do not prevent accidents.

Can I exchange my existing bulbs against a pair of BlueVision?
Of course! The bulbs are easily exchangeable and perfectly safe and legal to use on the road.

Additional Information:

Prior to installation, it always a good idea to wipe the glass surface with a clean lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol regardless of whether or not the glass surface was touched by your fingers.

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