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Panasonic Electronic inverter and igniter system for 35W Xenon lamp applications with Instant-on Hot Restrike feature for D2R or D2S Xenon lamps.
The OEM ballast for Acura/Honda, Infiniti/Nissan and Lexus/Toyota.
  • Features and Benefits:
    Excellent lamp wattage regulation over wide range of input voltage: 9 to 16VDC
  • Quick starting in both cold and hot restrike conditions
  • Extremely fast run-up of lamp output:

    Cold start: 60% output in (4) seconds
    Hot restrike: 50% output in (1) second

  • Safety Shutdown Feature: Shuts-off within (1) second if no start or if output is shorted
  • Excellent humidity resistance-fully potted
  • Superior solid state ignitor design
  • Small size / lightweight
  • Corona-free lamp socket design
  • Made in Japan


Lamps 35 Watt D2R or D2S

Nominal Input Voltage 14.0 VDC (12V battery)

Input Voltage Range 9.0 to 16.0 VDC

Input Power (steady state) <46W

Input Current (steady state) 6A @ 9V; <4A @ 14V

Input Current (starting) <20 A

Output power 35 2W

Lamp Frequency 250 Hz Square Wave

Ignition Pulse Voltage Nominal 22KV

Safety Shutdown:

No start Yes (<1 sec.)

Low Input Voltage Yes (<6 VDC)

Minimum Start Temperature 30C / 22F

Maximum Case Temperature +85C / 185F

Maximum distance from power supply to inverter 2.5 m (8 feet)

Maximum lead resistance 50 milliohms (including wire and terminals)

REQUIREMENTS: External fuse/breaker 20 A


Safety Instructions
CAUTION High Voltage Output: Turn power off before any installation or servicing of the lamp, socket, ignitor or inverter!
External 20-amp fuse is required in series with input voltage!
Do not disassemble the inverter or ignitor.
Do not expose the ignitor or socket to water, excessive humidity or condensation

Panasonic reserves the right to change any of the above performance characteristics without notice.