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Valeo Sylvania XENARC HID Lights


Sylvania's HID aftermarket products illuminate the night better than anything on the road. The Xenarc High Intensity Discharge lighting represents a whole new dimension in driving. With a whiter light and three times the output of halogen, Xenarc HID delivers improved peripheral vision, and enhanced down-road visibility for a safer drive. All this while consuming about 65% of the power used by halogen bulbs resulting in a lifetime of up to 10 times longer. There is no better investment for your car than the Xenarc HID products. Your safety depends on it.

We Carry The Complete Line Of Sylvania HID Light Systems For Headlights And Auxiliary Lights.

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While others are charging full price on these HOT items, we offer the best for less. We have the largest selection of HID light systems including custom applications.


Comparison chart between Xenarc HID and Standard Halogen

  Standard Halogen Bulb

(X2010, X2020, X4656,
X5006, X6024, X6054)
Light Source Filament Arc Discharge Arc Discharge
Color Temperature ~3,000 K 4,100 K 5,400 K
Lumens/Light Output 700 - 1,000 3,200 2,600
Light Source Watts 55W 35W 35W
Life 320 - 1,000 hours Up to 3,000 hours Up to 3,000 hours


X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Light

X2010 Ford F150 (1997-2003) & Expedition (1997-2002)

X2020 Chevy Silverado (1999-2002), Suburban, & Tahoe (2000-2003)

All sealed beam sizes (X4656, X5006, X6024, & X 6054)

Xe7 Bi xenon "DOT" Projector Kit (7", 6024)


* UPS Ground shipping applies to continental 48 states, Alaska & Hawaii are slightly more.